January Manga Workshop


In January I ran a Manga workshop in my hometown of Murwillumbah. We had a full class of 10 kids aged between 12 and 18, and was deemed a great success! I will be running another workshop in the April holidays, so if you are interested in attending then please contact me at davidlovegroveart@gmail.com . The date is to be confirmed.

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AWOL Adventures launch Murwillumbah!

I have been very lucky to be part of the most exciting new business seen in the Tweed Valley for a long while – AWOL Adventures!
Check out their website at www.awoladventures.com.au

For two days I had a blast driving the very rugged and cool Landcover Perentie vehicles around the specially made and maintained tracks at the awe inspiring 2000 acre property on the edge of the wild Caldera.

For the launch day we took 30 local business people out in a convoy of Auscam covered 4WD’s ( cool fun in itself) and checked out some of the sights. What I loved most was getting right into the smells of the bush ( delicious and subtle ) and enjoying the amazing ability of these vehicles to go almost anywhere.
For the launch party I was invited to perform on a huge canvas and I drew up my vision of the wild Perentie ( goanna) amongst the bush and icons of our area ( including Mt Warning). The large crowd loved it and I will post the fully painted version here ( as soon as I have the time to get it painted :) ).

Two weeks ago I went to the groovy Mullumbimby Music Festival with AWOL and drove music lovers back and forth from the Showgrounds to town and back.
Got to check out lots of amazing acts and Wow! hot music fabulous time, got to catch the Festival next year.



Up on stage double handed drawing at the launch of AWOL Adventures to the inspiring sound of the Didgereedoo played by local muso and Caldera Dreaming tour guide Cyril

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Manga day at Pittsworth State High School, Darling Downs, QLD

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of running a day of manga and drawing workshops at a really lovely school – Pittsworth State High School on the Darling Downs of Queensland, West of Toowoomba.

Mrs Jaime Fing of the English Dept did a fantastic job of organising the workshops for Yrs 7, 8 and 9 students as a celebration of a year in which Jaime had introduced the kids to the world of Manga, Comics and Graphic Novels.
We drew manga characters and discovered unusual characters in scribbles and my unique double handed drawing ( a skill that young artist’s pick up extremely fast!).

The teachers and students were very friendly and enthusiastic and I think we all had a great time!
Thanks heaps Jaime and all the cool artists! I look forward to visiting lovely Pittsworth again.
Below are some photos of Pittsworth, my whiteboard scribble demos and the kids work and last is a very cool testimonial one of the year 8 boys gave me :)

20151208_161617 20151208_162838

20151208_113141 20151208_115219(0) 20151208_151951

20151208_155606 20151208_140109(0) 20151208_153552pittsworth high testimonial



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January 2016 Manga Workshops

I will be holding a Manga workshop on January 5th for 12-18 year olds.
All materials will be provided, we will be playing favourite anime music and there
will be lots of unique manga from Japan to check out as well as other Japanese cultural items. My latest manga art originals and finished manga from ‘Hiroko Chan’s Adventure’
( created for Cochlear Ltd’s Japanese market) will be on display. Participants are encouraged to bring along their sketchbooks to show and cosplay is also encouraged :)

My wife Lizzy will be assisting, and I hold a current ‘Working with Children’ clearance for NSW and a current QLD Blue Card.
At this workshop I will be teaching the tricks of professional Manga artists.

For all enquiries please contact Lizzy at

Spaces are limited, so book now to avoid missing out!

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How a character design comes to life!

Hi, I am always creating art and characters for future use, a lot of it inspired scribbles and some of it more highly finished work.
This page is to give you an idea of how a scribble becomes a character idea becomes a realized character.
I started with one of my scribble drawings that I did at my last manga workshop at Lismore Library ( Nth New South Wales, Australia).

One of the young artists, a girl from Trinity College, saw a “ruffly skirt” and I asked her to draw what she saw on my scribble (done on the whiteboard). She skillfully drew in the dress swirling and that was as far as she could see it. I was then inspired and finished it off with what seem to be my trademark big shoes (which I am sure Lady Gaga pinches off me ;-) and a girls face and arms and a flowery hat.

Not all scribbles give high yield but this one really grabbed all of us and Trinity girl named her Lucy and I added Fleur, so she became Lucy Fleur.
I had the feeling that Lucy was destined for my Daruma manga as a main character.

Lucy Fleur the scribbled white board girl from the future

Lucy Fleur the scribbled white board girl from the future

Lucy Fleur enhanced in Photoshop Elements
Digital painting based on white board scribble "Lucy Fleur"

I kept Lucy in mind, printed out the colour version and put her where I could see her from time to time. Over a year later I was commissioned to paint a painting for the prestigious Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne. I had the characters of Daruma, Mr D, Musume, Bento Boy and Joe Himeji ( the little castle robot) but needed three more to make 8 ( the lucky number!). I had thought about Pippy (Longstocking, strongest girl in the world from Sweden) and also Sister Janey Mac, the Irish master of the Super Shillelagh’s ( Irish fighting sticks).
Then I remembered Lucy. At first I changed her a fair bit and as I painted and repainted her she just wasn’t working. I went back to the original scribble drawings and suddenly I saw that she was perfect all along.

Thats Lucy Fleur third hero from left!  I realized that she was my Ningyo ( robot girl).
Watch out for the Sisters of Perpetual Tenacity and watch out for Lucy Fleur!!

Thats Lucy Fleur third hero from left! I decided that she is a Ningyo, ( Japanese for Doll), a robot person

Thats Lucy Fleur third hero from left! I decided that she is a Ningyo, ( Japanese for Doll), a robot person


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