Testimonial from the Consulate General of Japan

I was going through some treasures today and found this lovely testimonial from the Consul General of Japan for Queensland in 2010, Mr Makoto Hinei.

I had run Manga art workshops during Japan Week in Brisbane each year for a number of years and one year was voted the most popular event in Japan Week. An honour!japan-con-testim

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Japanese Festival – Southern Cross Catholic College – Scarborough, Brisbane

My friends Simon Higgins, Maree Carr with me at the supercool Japanese Festival at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough, Brisbane

My friends supercool author/swordsman/ kung fu practitioner Simon Higgins, supercool Japanese language Sensei (teacher) Maree Carr and moi at the supercool Japanese Festival at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough, Brisbane

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My new (2nd) Qantas video

Lots of exciting things have happened to me over the last few days – on Tues I ran a Visual Literacy workshop for the supercool young artists of Corinda High, Brisbane, at the Arts faculty building auditorium at Griffith Uni Mt Gravatt. Special thanks to Dr Georgina Barton from Griffith School of Education Progessional Studies and Julie Arnold HOD English, Corinda High for their superb organization and hospitality, and the Corinda High kids for being so attentive and enthusiastic.

Lecture theatre, my scribble concept on board

Lecture theatre, my scribble concept on board


Weds I flew to Sydney courtesy of Qantas and was interviewed by Katrina Roe, morning show presenter at popular radio Hope 103.2. We chatted about my art and my unique two handed drawing approach as well as my nationwide Qantas Cash card ad. Katrina is a terrific Children’s author who I met at this years Abottsleigh Literary Festival. We filmed the interview and I drew a ‘ Hope Tree’ for the station in double handed style.
Me at Radio HOPE 103.2 Sydney

Thurs I met up with Qantas’s Clarabella Burley (Manager Social Media) at the Euston St training centre where we filmed a Vine ( a Twitter owned social media app that showcases 6 sec looped videos) as part of Qantas’s sponsorship of Tropfest film festival and the exciting new Tropvine competition. The theme for this year is ‘Mirror’ and of course that’s why they remembered yours truly and asked me to be part of it.

Amazing beautiful interior design at the Qantas training facility - like a Bond film...or Austen Powers, Yeah Baby Yeah!!

Amazing beautiful interior design at the Qantas training facility – like a Bond film…or Austen Powers, Yeah Baby Yeah!!


My quick double handed mirror drawing in luscious Faber Castell black Pitt charcoal and red (219) Artist’s Polychromos Pastel.

You can catch the buzz on Twitter and if you download the free Vine app.
My Vine will appear in the next few days. Here’s a sneak preview of my drawing for our Vine.


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David’s Workshops update mid 2014

I have had a really inspiring year of workshops so far with lots more to come, attending
libraries, schools and Literature Festivals ( with lots of fabulous and famous authors and illustrators).

Huge thanks to you all, I feel like one of the luckiest people around to be able to visit and
show young artist’s what I do and enjoy seeing their renditions of my Daruma manga characters as well as my new Zombie and iPad workshops.
Please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel – David Lovegrove Art – where you will find not only videos of my latest experimental ambidextrous artworks ( and how to do it clips) but also general how-to art lessons for manga, fine art and concept art creation.

Here are some of the supercool schools, libraries and Lit Fests who have invited to speak so far this year-

  • Artable Art School, Kingscliff Nth NSW
  • Moreton Bay Libraries, Brisbane
  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Brisbane
  • Kenmore State High School, Brisbane
  • Christian Brothers High School, Lewisham, Sydney
  • Abbotsleigh Literary Festival, Wahroonga, Sydney
  • Logan Libraries, Logan, Brisbane
  • BUPA retirement home, Pottsville, Nth NSW
  • Voices on The Coast Literature Festival, Buderim, Sunshine Coast QLD
  • Illustration Exhibition, Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Wahroonga, Sydney
  • Campbelltown Library, Adelaide, South Australia
  • St Laurences College, South Brisbane
  • The School of Total Education, Warwick, QLD
  • Whitsundays Libraries, Nth QLD
  • Southern Cross Catholic College, Redcliffe, Brisbane QLD

All of these events are the result of dedicated hard work by organizers, teachers, parents,
librarians ( particularily Youth Librarians) and good old fashioned attention and enthusiasm on the part of the young attendees.
I am very privileged to have been part of so many exciting events and I mean that sincerely. I am constantly amazed by the good behaviour and interest of students in schools and libraries and they are a credit to their parents and teachers.


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“Qantas Cash” advertisement featuring my double handed drawing skills

Earlier this month ( May) I was contacted by well known advertising agency Droga 5 and asked if I would use my ambidextrous double handed drawing ability as part of Qantas Airlines ‘Qantas Cash’ promotion, to be shot in Sydney.  I jumped at the chance to showcase my innovative drawing and painting ideas and so over two days we prepared for and filmed the ad.
The shoot took around 10 hours in a huge wharehouse which represented my studio, with a fabulous view of  the picturesquely named Iron Cove, (part of Sydney harbour) out the window.
It was a great two days working with the extremely talented creative folk from Droga5 and Invisible Artists – Sydney as well as with the inspiring team from Qantas Card!
The ad will run during The Voice around Australia ( at least in bigger citys) as well as on Youtube, on their Facebook page and inflight on Qantas flights.

I have been experimenting with this idea for a number of years and now I am dedicated to really exploring it’s full potential as well as passing on the skill to others.

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Breakfast talk at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

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My interview with VibeWire after breakfast talk at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

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My Manga “Daruma” 8 Heroes in a painting for PLC

DARUMA-8-HEROES-lo-resA low resolution version of the painting “Daruma – The 8 Heroes” which I was commissioned to paint for the library of Presbyterian Ladies College, Burwood, Melbourne.
It was a real honour to be asked to be part of the libraries terrific collection of art.

The painting depicts the eight major “good guys” (4 female 4 male characters) from my upcoming manga graphic novel “Daruma”, set upon by ninja agents of the “bad guys”.
I won’t reveal more right now but will let the girls of PLC know more of the plot when I officially present the painting to the school early this year.


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Merry Xmas / Yuletide 2013!

Well the end of another year is here and it’s time to put up the tree and set up our lights and painted Santas, elves, snowmen and assorted other creatures out the front of our house. This year will be the grandest yet with a new painting of Santas house, lots more spotlights and hopefully more fake snow!
Great fun for the kids and all the Xmas lights’sightseers ( and for us of course!)
Thanks so much to all the wonderful schools and libraries who have asked me to visit this year! It is a great honour to share the love of art,story and creativity with so many and the enthusiasm of all involved keeps me enthusiastic!

Three special highlights for me since I last posted-

First-A day of manga at St Stephens College Coomera, which was just sensational. Year 9′s from St Stephens and two other schools filled the large auditorium, we had Japanese teachers dressed as ninjas and traditional Japanese ladies and a very responsive group of young Nihongo students!

I was also dressed in traditional gear and we did lots of different manga drawing exercises and out-there concept art experiments. The highlight for me was when the native Japanese teachers gave us a demonstration of authentic accents ranging from super sweet girls to rough working class ‘blokes’. Great fun and very funny! Many thanks to Danielle Goucher and staff ( and thanks for the lovely Japanese lunch too!)

My second highlight was being commisioned to paint a manga themed painting for PLC ( Presbyterian Ladies College) Melbourne. I painted it in acrylics on Arches hot pressed watercolour paper and couriered the finished painting to Melbourne last week. I will post images of the work next.
Excitingly PLC has invited me to come back to Melbourne early in 2014 to present the framed work to the school ;)
Special thanks to Genevieve Lynch, Head of Library Services PLC ( a truly impressive library about which I have raved previously).

Third- A really great day at Churchie, the prestigious Church of England Grammar School, in Brisbane. My first workshop was for the boys studying Japanese, a very keen group who knew quite a bit of the language and who enthusiastically drew all the characters I presented, especially Naruto ( their age!) and my double handed and scribble concept art.

In the afternoon for the first time ever I ran a kung fu workshop for the studnets of Chinese at Churchie. We had a great time, I talked about the history of kung fu and it’s history in Australia, we drew ‘Kung Fu Panda” characters and then I demonstrated some of the style I am experienced in- Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The boys loved it and all 70 of us ended up outside performing the advanced Bil Jee form! Big thanks to May Kwan and Winnie ( and the other terrific language experts)for all your good work organizing this unique event!


Once again Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!

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David’s August update

Hi folks, haven’t updated my blog for..ulp…two months! Lots of great things have been coming my way since I last posted starting with the final event for the “Crossing boundaries with reading ” project at Marsden State High School, a day of fun creating stories and manga style art based around my theme ” If you were survivors of an apocalypse ( a Zombie one of course!) how would you rebuild your comfortable modern world?”. The Marsden students attending got right into the spirit of this and came up with some pretty fantastic stories and art, and of course we all agreed that a library would be the first place to go to learn anything we needed (no electricity, no internet, no wikipedia folks..sorry!). It was a blast. Thanks again to Bernadette Powers and staff and the lovely people from QUT.

Early in August I was a guest at Robina State High for their Yr8 Japanese Culture Day, teaching and demonstrating Manga and Anime techniques. It was a really special day and one of the very best I have attended over the years, which is no wonder as Robina High is a Japanese language immersion school with quite brilliant teachers. I love running my workshops, the kids were very well behaved and enthusiastic, and the other Japanese presenters were superb – Koto masters, good Kendo, Japanese baseball pro’s and yummy Nihon gohan ( Japanese food) for lunch. A feast of culture for the young participants.
Many thanks to Sellina McCluskey ( Head of Japanese and International Programs) and her amazing staff of fluent Nihongo speakers!

Me in Yukata (looking somewhat like a bald Zen priest) teaching Manga style at Robina State High Japan Day


Next I was a guest at the prestigious Glennies School in Toowoomba, one of the most classic old Queensland style timber schools (beautiful and huge!), for their literature festival. A great day with tremendous enthusiasm shown by the girls ( it’s a girls school!). I love Toowoomba and its always a treat to be invited there, the Glennies School really treated us very well and the staff were very warm and helpful.

Last but not least I was invited to Melbourne to run a lunch time manga workshops for the very enthusiastic manga/anime lovers at the Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC).
A wonderful school, one of Australia’s premier schools and the Library was breathtaking! Genevieve Lynch, Head of Library Services, took me on a tour of the Library and it was more on the scale and intellectual depth of a University’s holding. I was particularly impressed by the Art section which really thoroughly covered art history and gave equal weight to traditional art as well as more contemporary movements ( including comics and manga of course!).  The PLC Library also has a terrific archival section of very old and rare books and manuscripts. Library heaven!
The Manga / Anime group were a great bunch of intelligent young ladies who really knew their stuff and I acquainted them with my Daruma manga characters and they are looking forward to seeing the published work soon. They drew some fine work in the session and I encouraged them all to really use the schools’ magnificent library to educate themselves about all aspects of art and to consider pursuing artistic and literary careers. Thanks PLC for a great day!

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